Who is Kitty?

Hi. My name is Kitty.

I have always had an interest in sport and exercise and was an elite gymnast in my youth, as well as captain of the rounders and netball teams at school. My dance and fitness instructor at secondary school was the one who encouraged me to do my first qualification at 18 as I left school, and I went off to University teaching aerobics to other students in the evening. I was also captain of the gymnastics and trampolining squad at University and completed my level 1 and 2 coaching qualification as well as disability trampolining coach. I still teach trampolining every week at the local leisure centre.


In my final year at university I volunteered at Gloucester Royal Hospital as an exercise therapist with mental health patients in a secure unit and both on and off the wards. I found the work very rewarding and was impressed with the results that the service users achieved both physically and mentally as they felt better about themselves. The degree modules on Exercise and Mental Health became of much interest and I continue to work closely with clients suffering from anxiety, stress and depression.


I finished my degree in Exercise and Health along with numerous other qualifications and I used them when I owned two gyms in Witham and Billericay. I ran weight management classes, cookery lessons and loved teaching hula hooping too. My gyms were for all shapes and sizes but in particular I enjoyed working with larger clients that wanted weightloss and clients with minor medical conditions. This lead me onto completing my GP Referral certificate which allows doctors to refer clients with conditions straight to me. I now teach Cardiac Rehabilitation on Friday nights too so I am really getting to use my qualifications well.


I love teaching spinning, circuits and bootcamp to groups at the local Leisure Centre.


My personal Powerlifting has progressed to competing at international level for Great Britain. Check out my 'Powerlifting' page for a general overview.


It is still quite uncommon to see ladies in the weights area and my biggest passion is showing beginners the benefits of weight training. I have successfully taught beginners weekly strength training groups, over 10 week courses.


I regularly attend Fitness Fiesta weekends where the latest classes, trends and equipment are taught in massive rooms with 100's of others and these help keep me enthused and generate lots of new training ideas.


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