Why Use A Personal Trainer?

So What is it really like having a personal trainer?


I'm one of the few PT's out there that actually knows and understands what it feels like to have a trainer stood over you pushing and guiding you towards your goals.

After 4 years out of the fitness industry I was in the position of facing one of my worst nightmares - my wedding, where I would be under scrutiny and having my photo taken. I'd had a high pressure sales role for a few years and really let my fitness and physique go.
I approached the PT office at my local gym absolutely resolute and determined that I would look amazing within the 4 months of my wedding and the PT didn't know what hit him!!

Looking back, I told him that my dress didn't fit and asked what was the most number of times a week he'd train me, and where should I sign!!! (I didn't tell him until later that I was over qualified to train myself, had owned and run two gyms of my own, and had a degree in Exercise and Health!).

My life changed over the next few weeks as he trained me 3-4 times a week and took me into the weights area. I was 37 and had spent nearly two decades doing classes and hydraulic resistance.


I'd also been vegetarian for 27 years and expected to have very little muscle tone and strength, but my trainer immediately spotted a raw natural talent for powerlifting. I thought he was just placating me and must be telling all his clients how great they are. He was right! I am super-strong.

Ultimately, no matter how old you are it is never too late to try something new, change your diet and exercise, or get into shape. Having a trainer that guides and believes in you makes the ultimate difference between just 'trying to give it a go' and actually 'getting it done', and I never would have done it if i'd only seen him once a week.

So if you're thinking about getting a trainer then make a commitment to seeing them at least 3 times a week for at least 12 weeks, or you may find that you make mistakes or miss your goals.

Your trainer isn't just trying to make money from you. I feel that this industry is a calling. If your trainer tells you they need to see you 3 times a week it is because they need to get quality time with you and give you the service and attention that you need and deserve.

The best outcome for us as trainers is when after that 12 weeks with us is finished you've lost loads, seen a massive difference and learnt enough from us to now manage your own workouts and nutrition. We are educators, and we want to teach you everything we know and then let you go........

Two of my clients are now training to become PT's themselves and I couldn't be more proud!

Both women 80 years old
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